Diamond Web Spy
Professional Web Spy Software For The Automotive Industry
Diamond Web Spy Will Let You Interact With Your Customers In Real Time
Awaken Your Website! Do More With Your Visitors! Engage & Interact, All Online!
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What Is Diamond Web Spy? What Is Diamond Web Spy?

Diamond Web Spy provides real time monitoring of your website.
You will have the ability to pro-actively communicate to all your visitors.
Obtain detailed marketing knowledge of your websites traffic 24-7.
Communicate with an unlimited amount of visitors at any time.
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• Help Your Visitors Via Web Spy Through Pro-Active Communication.
• Convert Browsers Of Your Website Into Prospects & Customers.
• Monitor Your Website Traffic In Real Time From Any Computer.
• Install On Any Site, Including Craigslist And Ebay Auctions.
• Web Spy Can Be Included In All Your Emails As A Link.
• Examine The Demographics Of Your Website Visitors.
• Accept Callback Requests To Contact Prospects.
• Manage Support Tickets To Enhance Service.

• Analyze Your Site In Our Diamond Inquirer.
• Utilize Our Simple To Use Operator Panel.
• Manage FAQ Section For Your Visitors.
What Can Diamond Web Spy Do For You? What Can Diamond Web Spy Do For You?

Diamond Web Spy uses a simple install process to use on any site.
Provide customer service, monitor website traffic, & increase sales.
Install Web Spy on your craigslist posts, ebay listings, & more.

• Over 30 Web Spy Status Images To Choose From.
• Custom Web Spy Image Uploading Capabilities.
• Custom Chat Window Style & Color Settings.
• Multiple Online & Offline Window Functions.
• Unlimited Visitor Access & Chat Installations.
• Invisible Tracking & Monitoring Capabilities.
• Pro-Active & Automatic Live Help Invitations.
• Extensive Detailed Reports & Tracking Tools.
• Multiple Operator & Administration Support.
• Unlimited Canned Responses, Images, & URLs.
• Custom "Whisper" & Operator Messaging.
• Complete SSL Encryption Support
Diamond Web Spy Reports & Tools Diamond Web Spy Reports & Tools

Diamond Web Spy provides a vast amount of reports and tools.
View and print multiple detailed reports about your website any time.
Obtain visitor demographics such as visitor Location, IP Address,
Host ISP Name, Website Referrer, and conversion tracking.

• Monitor Website Visitors, Chat Requests, Operator Usage, & More.
• Use Our Diamond Inquirer For Detailed Reports Of Your Website.
• We Provide 30+ Printable Reports With Informative Website Data.
• Use Our Reports For Marketing Overviews, Chat Transcripts, Etc.
• Use Our Diamond Alerter For Instant Website Monitoring 24-7.
• Be Informed Of New Visitors, Chat Requests, & Much More.
• Get Notified With An Hourly Broadcast Of Site Statistics.
• Report Configuration Options With Visual Information.
• Your Reports Can Easily Be Filtered By Date Range.
• Use All These Features To Build Your Business.
• Customizable Idle Log Out Time Capabilities.
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