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DiamondLiveChat for the Auto Sales Industry
See the future using DiamondLiveChat.
Find out who and how many are on your website shopping for a vehicle, what they’re searching for and what they’re looking at in real time.
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It takes less than 10 min to start providing live support chat assistance to your online customers via Diamond Live Chat
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Using Diamond Live Chat Customer Service Chat system you will convert 25% more of your site visitors to customers.
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Efficient and Timely Customer Support is the most important aspect of any business
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DiamondLiveChat is an internet based business to consumer (B2C) communications tool. It will give your sales and support operators the ability to chat or speak live with online customers at the right moment in their decision making process.

DiamondLiveChat will enhance your customers buying experience, improve customer satisfaction, and increase online business. There is no software to install. It is easy to use and requires minimum training. And it provides a complimentary array of business reports and analysis for management. Best of all, it is the most cost effective, full featured, online B2C communications system on the market.
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